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creating horizontal guages dynamically


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Hi I might have a little difficult question and i am new to reporting services I am using chartFx for reprting services. i want to generate horizontal guages dynamically depending on the values of one of the fields of a table and for rest of the fields in that row , I want to set value of properties of guage as values Better i should expalin as example for example if i have a row say: printorder , Row, sales, cost,units then i want guages to appear when there is any print order and rest of the columns are the values in the scales of the guage. Is there any method of doing that. If yes then where i need to put the code and where to use to use that code to generate guages automatically(I mean is there any specific control in reporting services or area whose value i need to assign as this code) thanks in advance vivek
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As per your advice i have installed chrtfx7 for .net

Now i am using this code to display horizontal guage dynamically

Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)Dim Hguage As ChartFX.WebForms.Gauge.HorizontalGauge

Hguage.MainIndicator.Value = 100

Hguage.Scales(0).Min = 0

Hguage.Scales(0).Max = 700


End Sub

but still i am getting blank page as result

do i need to do some setting





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It looks like the problem is that you are not setting the height and width of the gauge; therefore, you are not able to see it. Try the following code and let me know if you have any problems:

Dim gauge1 As HorizontalGauge

gauge1 = New HorizontalGauge()

gauge1.Height = 100

gauge1.Width = 350

gauge1.MainValue = 70


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