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I have 3 series in my chart (Actual, Target and Delta) I also display a Grid in the chart. I want to hide the "Delta" series in the chart but not in the grid. The only way I figured out how to do this was to set the "Delta" series to a the Y2 axis and set the Y2 axis visible property to false. This works but with one small caveat. There is another grey X axis that appears in the chart.  How do I render this additional X axis invisible? 

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This is the Chart.


chartfx7:Chart id="ChartDeliveriesTargets" runat="server" Height="325px" Width="430px" ChartFont="Verdana, 6pt" ImageSettings-Interactive="False" RandomData-Points="7"><axisy title-text="">


LabelsFormat Format="Currency"></LabelsFormat>


axisy><axisx font="Verdana, 6pt, style=Bold" textcolor="Black" title-text="">


Grids Major-Visible="False"></Grids>




<chartfx7:SeriesAttributes BarShape="Rectangle" Color="LightSteelBlue" FillMode="Solid"

PointLabels-Alignment="Center" PointLabels-Angle="90" PointLabels-BackColor="Transparent"

PointLabels-BorderWidth="1" PointLabels-Font="Arial, 8.25pt" />

<chartfx7:SeriesAttributes Color="SkyBlue" PointLabels-Angle="90" PointLabels-Font="Arial, 8.25pt"

Text="" />

<chartfx7:SeriesAttributes Color="255, 192, 128" Line-Style="Solid" Pattern="ForwardDiagonal"PointLabels-Angle="90" PointLabels-Font="Arial, 8.25pt" Volume="80" AxisY="Secondary Y Axis" />



<allseries gallery="Bar"

pointlabels-backcolor="Transparent" pointlabels-font="Arial, 8pt, style=Bold" PointLabels-BorderColor="Transparent"></allseries>

<LegendBox Border="None" ContentLayout="Spread" Dock="Bottom" Visible="False"></LegendBox>


<chartfx.webforms.adornments.imageborder assemblyname="ChartFX.WebForms.Adornments"

color="109, 125, 138" type="Rounded"></chartfx.webforms.adornments.imageborder><chartfx.webforms.galleries.bar></chartfx.webforms.galleries.bar>



<View3D Enabled="True" />

<mainpane axisy-title-text=""></mainpane>


<chartfx7:TitleDockable Font="Verdana, 11.25pt, style=Bold" Text="Deliveries / Targets"

TextColor="34, 137, 153" /><chartfx7:TitleDockable Text="" Font="Verdana, 6pt, style=Underline" />



<DataGrid Visible="True" ShowMarkers="False" />

<AxisY2 Visible="False" Font="Verdana, 6pt" ForceZero="False">

<LabelsFormat Format="Currency" />

<Grids Major-Visible="False" /></AxisY2>


chartfx7:Chart><br />
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I'm not sure why you are setting this in the markup nor why you are adding an additional y-axis. Furthermore, adding an additional y-axis does not add a secondary x-axis.

In any case, if you wish to hide a series but still show it in the chart's datagrid, you need to set the ShowHiddenSeries property of the DataGrid to "true". You can do the following:

Chart1.DataGrid.ShowHiddenSeries =

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