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Simple time on X Axis


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You need to set the LabelsFormat and DataFormat properties, respectively. The LabelsFormat property of the x-axis is exposed in both design-time and code-behind but the DataFormat property is only exposed in the code. You can programmatically set this as follows:

 chart1.AxisX.DataFormat.Format = AxisFormat.Time;

chart1.AxisX.DataFormat.CustomFormat =

"HH:mm";chart1.AxisX.LabelsFormat.Format = AxisFormat.Time;

chart1.AxisX.LabelsFormat.CustomFormat =

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Which free version are you using? ChartFX Lite for .NET? If so, please note that this version of ChartFX is very limited and as you already know, does not have all of the features that the full version has.

I recommend you download a trial for ChartFX for Visual Studio 2005 if you're actually intending to use this product.

In your version of ChartFX, the Axis Class exposes the LabelsFormat Property, and the ValueFormat Class exposes both the Format and the CustomFormat properties, respectively. Unfortunately, in this version of ChartFX, the Format Enumerator only has values for None, Number, and Currency.

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