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Problem with Y axis using Logarithmic scale


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What exactly is the problem that you are experiencing? Please note that the LogBase property can only be applied to a numerical axis, a categorical axis will ignore this setting. Also, no zeros or negative data values are permitted in logarithmic charts. The Step and MinorStep properties setting must be equal or greater than the LogBase property setting.

That said, if you are setting the LogBase of the y-axis to 10, then the indexing for the labels will go as follow:

chart1.AxisY.Label[0] = "Label 1";

chart1.AxisY.Label[9] =

"Label 2";

chart1.AxisY.Label[999] =

"Label 3";
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 I am using ChartFX 6.5 for Java.I am not getting the y axis label properly when i set yaxis to log scale.I have used the following code.   ch.getAxisY().setLogBase(10);    ch.getAxisY().setStep(10);    ch.getAxisY().setMinorStep(10);   ch.getAxisY().setAutoScale(false);   ch.getAxisY().setMin(yMin);   ch.getAxisY().setMax(yMax);The yMin is 7.00 and yMax is 10.54.All the data values are in the range 8.For this condition I am not seeing any Ylabel on the yaxis. When I changed the Ymax value to 100.00 I am getting only one Ylabel value  97.00. Similarly when the Yaxis scale is set to 2.718281828;Ymin=5.00 and Ymax=100.00 I am getting Ylabels as 7.718,22.496,42.582.Could you please explain me the behavior how the Yaxis label is set while using log scale. Also how can i set the Ylabels in the desired range like 8.0, while using log scale.

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