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Removing individual statistical galleries from the toolbar


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I'm not sure if this is the better form than the Extensions one for this question.  I have added the statistical package, but only some of the statistical galleries are useful.  The code runs something like:

stats.Chart = Chart1;

Command gallery = Chart1.Commands[CommandId.Gallery];

gallery.SubCommands.RemoveAt(28); // np


I can see the subcommands count decreasing, but the UI still displays the np gallery type when it renders.  If I try this instead with one of the base gallery types, it works fine.

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I have responded to your incident; I am also pasting this information here for others with the same problem:

Our Development Team have responded to this issue with the following information:

"The gallery will be re-added whenever the extension is re-attached; therefore, you cannot customize the gallery menu. As of today, there is no way to disable one particular gallery from the Statistical (or any) extension."

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