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ChartFX for .NET 6.2 problem


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I just installed  ChartFX for .NET 6.2 on Windows Server 2003.

Folder C:\Program Files\ChartFX for .NET 6.2\ChartFX62\Temp has Read/Write permissions (after viewing page in browser some files created in that folder)


The problem is that i can't see chart in browser - empty space.

I installed service pack for 6.2


Give me please some advice how can I solve this problem.


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 I see red X like no image loaded.

I set property to chart to render.NET instead of image. Also I have the same web application on different Win2003 Server , and app is working fine.

My IIS tree is

Default Web Site (my application is in root folder)  |-- ChartFX62  |-- other folder  |-- other folder

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There are some known issues regarding ChartFX for .NET and Windows 2003 Server; below, please find some articles that refer to that topic:




Due to the "lock down" nature of Windows 2003, IIS is configured to not serve any unknown file types; as a consequence, IIS may return 404 - File Not Found for some of the file extensions we use with our component, or a broken image. You will need to add the MIME types for your application. The last two articles talk about ChartFX Internet 5.5 but they also apply to ChartFX for .NET.

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I cannot see the attached file, please send it again. Also, you mentioned before that you have the same application on another Windows 2003 Server, and that it is working fine. What is the difference bettwen both servers? I suggest you make sure that the configurations for ChartFX are the same on both servers; additionally, try setting the chart to render as image. If you can see it, there is probably a problem with a cached object.

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I've similar issue. When I installed ChartFX for .net 6.2 on Windows 2003, it is able to generate chart images in "C:\Program Files\ChartFX for .NET 6.2\ChartFX62\Temp" folder where Chartfx62 virtual directory is mapped. But it works only for that day. Next day onwards chartfx fails to create images and as a result I get red cross (no image) on the web page. If i reistall it, it works fine for that day again but next day same situation. Please advice.

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a) Are you able to see the chart when rendering it as:

  a.1) Image ?

  a.2) .NET ?

Does it only happen when attempting to render it as "ActiveX"?

B) What browser are you trying to do this with? Are you using Firefox?

c) Did you use Chart FX 6.2 for .NET latest installer? Which version is it?

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a. I'm trying to render it as image. Not attempting to render as ActiveX

b. IE 6.0

c. downloaded installer from http://www.softwarefx.com/OnlineDownload/CfxNet62Dev. Not sure how to check version.

 P.S This installation works perfectly fine on Windows 2000. Only Windows 2003 has issue. We are facing the same issue issue with Development as well as production verison on Windows 2003.

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Please note that the directory located at "C:\Program Files\ChartFX for .Net 6.2\ChartFX62\Temp" needs to have Read/Write permissions for the Internet User (typically aspnet_wp). Before testing to see that ChartFX is properly set up on your server you should also check that the permissions have also been correctly set for this directory.

In the page where you don't see the chart, right-click and select 'View Source' of the page. In the View Source, there should be an object tag for the chart object with a Value for the DataPath something like:

<PARAM NAME="DataPath" VALUE="/chartfx62/temp/CFT0520_0922023CFD9.chw">

Go to this folder: C:\Program Files\ChartFX for .NET 6.2\ChartFX62\Temp

Can you check whether you find the 'chw' file in this path? You should find the chw file name in the view source of the page.

The installer from the link you provided is indeed the latest installer.

Additionally, when you uninstall and reinstall Chart FX 6.2, did you completely remove registry entries related to Chart FX 6.2 as well? If not, please send an email to our support team at support@softwarefx[DOT]com. They will be able to provide you specific steps to completely uninstall your product and then install again. Do not forget to send them your product serial numbers as well.

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