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Memory leak in the radial gauge


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 I've been chasing this memory leak for some time now .. and at last I think I have it and can reproduce it in a little test app.

 I purchased a memory profiler and saw a lot of references to the gauges.

If I have a marker as well as a needle on the gauge the memory just keeps climbing until eventually my app dies.

I have downloaded the latest update and created a completely new application from scratch ensuring that the references where the latest.

this is my code snippet to replicate.

private void timer1_Tick(object sender, EventArgs e){count++;label1.Text = "count = " + count.ToString();radialGauge1.MainIndicator.Value = count;radialGauge1.MainScale.Indicators[1].Value = (count * 1.5);


it sits in a visual studio 2005 windows form, I drop in a timer, on XP SP2 .net 2.0 framework yada yadaI have a copy of my real application which uses the radial gauges deployed on 8 machines which all exhibit the same beaviour.

 My short term fix is to set the scale to itself i.e.

radialGauge1.MainScale.Max = radialGauge1.MainScale.Max;

this seems to clean up the memory.

Hope this is helpful.


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