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Grid Scrolling


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Horizontal/Vertical scrolling depends on the grid contents (including visual elements like Borders and SideBars). If the grid contents are wider/taller than the available space, the grid will show scroll bars automatically.

These are simple rules used to decide when to scroll horizontally in the grid:

1. If the grid.Width property is not set, it will expand to its contents and will never need to scroll.

2. If the width of the data is smaller than the available area, it will expand to meet it.

3. If the width of the data is larger than the available area, a scrollbar will be added

The same rules apply to vertical scrolling.

Concerning the width of the data, is the total of each column, so if column.Width is set, it takes that, otherwise, it shrinks to the width of the data.


To turn off paging on the grid, programmatically: Grid1.Paging.Enabled = false;

Let us know if this is what you need.

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Thanks mate, that helps.

How about the following can you:

Enable Only single row selection

Enable Multi row selection (this one is really important to us)

If you can multi row select can you extend this to select multi rows between two rows ie select one row, then go 3 rows down and select a new row with the shift key pressed and the grid selects all rows inbetween, bit like outlook

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