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How can l speed up the performance of a .Net Render chart, it's slow on the first load. I have asked this question before, but never got a clear cut answer why it's slow.

Is it just me or is anyone else see a large performance drop when loading a .net render chart for this first time?

Our internet connection, PC's and server are well above the average user. We have done lot's of testing using a standard XPSP2 PC with hardware well above the recommended requirements.

I have a test site at http://uat.exago.net/graphcrashtest/


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The first time you hit the site the browser has to download the .NET Client Control and load the .NET Framework. That's why it is slow.

Set UseClientLoader to true to minimize load time. But event with this, there is always going to be a lag for the fisrt Chart it is just the way .NET controls work inside IE.

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+ the time taken to download the control.

Setting UseClientLoader to true, will enable caching of the Chart FX .NET IE client so that id doesn't have to be downloaded every time you hit the site. The control will only be downloaded once on each client and a new download will only occur if the version of the client control changes in your server as a result of a service pack installation.

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It takes a while (about 10-15 secs) but I don't know whether it is due to the .NET Client.

Please post a page that doe NOT contain the .NET client, just the chart as image to compare.

 About your previous questions:

- The latest service pack is 7.0.2845.31164

- The dll's that get downloaded to the client are:





 Plus any extension you use.

If you use ClientLoader, then ChartFX.NetIEClient.Loader.dll is the only one downloaded every time.

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