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Failed to download chart. ProtocolError - ProxyAuthenticationRequired(407)


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I'm writing from Caracas - Venezuela, i'm working as a IS Consultant in a Petroleum Company.
We are receiving the following error when trying to use the ChartFX 6.2  .NET control display within 
the web browser:Failed to download ChartProtocolError - ProxyAuthenticationRequired(407)
We are using the full version of the product. Since 1 month ago, we experienced some 
"Missing license tag" errors (some clients uses framework 2.0) and we installed 
Chart FX for .NET 6.2 Service Pack. Problem solved, but now we are experienced the mentioned error. 
We think that the cause of this is our Proxy Firewall configuration.

We need to know what components or dll the software is trying to download, so we can do it manually

 into the clients pc's.

 If anyone can respond right away that would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!

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 I have run into a similiar issue; message display by client browser "Failed to download chart ProtocalError - ProxyAuthenticationRequired (407)".  I utilized your provided information which worked successfully in IE 7x. 

The issue was found when checking the site with FireFox 3.0.3, the chart begin to download then completely disappears.  The chart displays correctly in FireFox without the above information added.

Not sure which browser is being used by client; but the above information with break FireFox and fix IE...

 Any insight to this issue would be greatly appreciated

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