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I am in the process of converting a project to use Chart FX for VS 2005. The project makes use of chart templates extensively. The documentation mentions a tool for converting binary templates in the 'migrating from 6.2' section, however I am unable to find it or any other reference to it. Please point me in the right direction.

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 I apologize for the lack of documentation on this tool. It can be found inside the Util folder of your installation folder (C:\Program Files\Chart FX for Visual Studio 2005\Util). The file you are looking for is ChartFX.Winforms.Exporter.exe. A webform version is also available (ChartFX.WebForms.Exporter.exe).

For instructions on who to use it, try running the executable with the following parameter:

ChartFX.Winforms.Exporter.exe /help


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 Thanks for this, however it doesn't seem to work. My 6.2 templates are in xml format. The resulting converted template looks nothing like the original. When I run the conversion in verbose mode I get an error 'Error when exporting the chart'. Also 'Error in importing ChartFX 6.2'. See attached for a screenshot of the verbose output and one oof the input templates. I'm sure you understand I do not want to have to recreate these manually as I have hundreds.

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