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Problem With New Y Axis


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Hi Frank,

I am creating a new Y axis on chart using the following code. 

int IDX = 1;AxisY AddlAxisY = new AxisY();AddlAxisY.Grids.Major.Visible = false;AddlAxisY.Grids.Minor.Visible = false;AddlAxisY.Visible = true;AddlAxisY.TextColor = myChart.Series[iDX].Color;AddlAxisY.Position = AxisPosition.Far;AddlAxisY.ForceZero = false;   myChart.AxesY.Add(AddlAxisY);myChart.Series[iDX].AxisY = AddlAxisY;

 myChart.Personalize.AutoSave = true; myChart.Personalize.Save();

when I am trying to access some other page and coming back to this page(chart) chart is loosing its newly created axis(using above code)

when I am changing the background color of the chart axis is intact , though I go to other page and coming back to this page(chart).

I want the same functionality without changing the background color of the chart.

please advise...


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I'm not sure if I understand correctly but If what you mean is that you are counting on the personalization to store the number of axes in the chart and how series are attached to them this is not part of the personalization settings.

In the personalization settings we store only what the user can change. So if the axis is already in the chart and personalized data is loaded that contains a different color for the axis labels but if the axis is not there this will be ignored.

In other words, the number of axes in the chart and the way the series are associated to them is not going to change as a result of loading personalization settings.

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