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I am just using the chart and grid. I already discovered that the Gauges takes some cpu..

Now I am trying to find this out on the grid, but for soms reason I couldn't.

I really need to know how much cpu and memory this takes on loading and reloading after a change.

I also need to the max. number of rows (if there is) in the grid.


Thanks in advance.



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Thanks for writing.  As a developer myself, any CPU or memory problems concern me greatly.  However, I find it difficult to answer your questions.  Could you give me the following information:

1.  Are you wondering about CPU/memory usage during design time (in Visual Studio) or run time (in web server process)?  If run time, are you running on the local development server or on IIS?

2.  What kind of measurements are you expecting as far as footprint goes?  Because there are so many ways to configure Grid FX and because data is always different, I cannot tell you one specific number.  Am I missing something there?

3.  What do you mean by "rows"?  Are you talking rows of data in the data source, like in a DataView or something?  Or are you talking about actual visible rows in the grid.  If it's the latter, this is determined by Grid.Paging.PageSize - default is 12.  Make sure also that Grid.Paging.Enabled is true (which is default).

 Thanks, I look forward to your response.

Steve Potter

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