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MouseMove event and HitTest with Annotation in VC++


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1. Could you show me C++ sample code how to use mousemove event and hittest with annotation ?I tested my sample code, but not works.I can't catch mouse event when annontation object is under the mouse.

I guess the mouse event is going to annotation object, but how can I catch it?

2. how to use SelectList

Cfx62Annotation::_AnnotationXPtr m_AnnotationPtr;m_AnnotationPtr.CreateInstance(__uuidof(Cfx62Annotation::AnnotationX));

VARIANT varExtension;V_VT(&varExtension) = VT_DISPATCH;V_DISPATCH(&varExtension) = m_AnnotationPtr;m_chartPtr->Extensions->Add(varExtension);

_AnnotationListBasePtr annotationPtr = m_AnnotationPtr->SelectionList;if(annotationPtr) {//annotation object is selected}else{//annotation object is not selected}

In above code,I think, I can get current annotation selectlist.but, even if there is no annotation object, SelectionList is not null.

How do I know any annotation is selected?SelectionList is _AnnotationListBasePtr and has no method, property.

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You can implement the MouseMove Event as follows:

void C_AnnotationCircleDlg::OnMouseMoveChart1(LPDISPATCH sender, LPDISPATCH args)


 // TODO: Add your control notification handler code here

 _MouseEventArgsXPtr myArgs = (_MouseEventArgsXPtr)args;

 _AnnotationXPtr annotX = annot;

 if ( annotX != NULL )


_AnnotationObjectPtr pObj;

pObj = annotX->HitTest( myArgs->X, myArgs->Y );

if ( pObj != NULL )


 _GUID iid = __uuidof(_AnnotationCircle);

 IUnknown ** ptr = NULL;


 hr = pObj->QueryInterface(iid, (void **)&ptr);

 if ( !FAILED(hr) )


text->Visible = true;




 myArgs->Handled = true;



Please note that the above will work only if you have the annot->Enabled property set to "false".

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