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using CommandID_Help to display end-user help


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I am trying to add ChartFX Help to a chart toolbar.  I use the following code in VB6:

 .ToolBarObj.InsertAt 0, 1 .ToolBarObj(0) = CommandID_Help

and the Help button does appear in the chart.  When I click it I even get a popup that displays Contents, Search and About options.

But when I select one of the options, nothing happens.  I guess that the chart can't find the Help file, so it does nothing, but I'm not sure.  Does anyone know what Help file it might be looking for?  I want to display end-user help on how to use the chart, so I don't need the API Help files 


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Thanks, that makes sense of course, except that I want to display help for the chart functionality, i.e. right-clicking on the chart displays a popup of ChartFX options like opening the data editor, displaying the toolbar, legend box etc... There must be a help file that describes how to use the functions and toolbar options of a ChartFX chart, isn't there?

If I have that file, then the app can handle the InternalCommand event and open the file itself, that's fine.







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