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Beginners Question: Scatter-Plot in Visual C++.NET


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I'm new to VisualC++.NET and I try to translate the following example code from the Chart FX Lite documentation in Visual C++.NET:

Chart1.OpenData(COD.Values,1,5) Chart1.Value(0,0) = 30Chart1.Value(0,1) = 76Chart1.Value(0,2) = 43.5Chart1.Value(0,3) = 90.75Chart1.Value(0,4) = 12.5Chart1.CloseData(COD.Values)

 I tried the following but get the errors indicatet at the right side of each line

Chart1->OpenData(COD.Values,1,5);   <- 'COD' is a not declared identifier and the left of '.Values' must be a class/structure/unionChart1->Value(0,0) = 30;   <- Expression is notgiving a function taking 2 argumentsChart1->Value(0,1) = 76;   <- idemChart1->Value(0,2) = 43.5;  <- idemChart1->Value(0,3) = 90.75;  <- idemChart1->Value(0,4) = 12.5;  <- idemChart1->CloseData(COD.Values);  <- the left of '.Values' must be a class/structure/union

What is the correct way to make this plot in Visual C++.NET?

Sorry to bother you with such questions and many thanks for your help.




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