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scrollposition not functioning


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i coded my application to load the chart dynamically (i didn't drag and drop a chartfx chart component into my design page)

but when it run, the scrollposition which is suppose to appear in the most right side didn't function as expected.

i suspect it was something related to the way i render because when i render in .net , scrollposition malfunction. but when i omitted the render mode, scrollposition appears to be at the most right hand side, good news though but another problem occur which is the scrollbar cannot be scroll.

once i click to scroll , error "ICallBackEventHandler not implemented" appear. can anyone help me with this ? below is my code:

Private Sub LoadChart(ByVal strTestcell As String)

  Dim strCompletePath As String

  Dim strBinNo As String = "Overall1.mex"

  Dim chartGenerate As New ChartFX.WebForms.Chart

  m_strRootPath = Application("ChartFolderPath")

  strCompletePath = m_strRootPath & m_strDatePath & "\" & strTestcell & "\" & strBinNo


  If File.Exists(strCompletePath) Then

  chartGenerate.Import(FileFormat.Binary, strCompletePath)

  chartGenerate.Width = 1000%

  chartGenerate.Height = 450

  If Me.chkEnableScrollbar.Checked = True Then

  chartGenerate.AxisX.AutoScroll = True

  chartGenerate.AxisX.PixelsPerUnit = 43

  chartGenerate.AxisX.ScrollPosition = chartGenerate.AxisX.ScrollSize


  chartGenerate.AxisX.AutoScroll = False

  End If

  chartGenerate.RenderFormat = ".Net"




  Me.ChartPlaceHolder.Controls.Add(New LiteralControl("<b>Chart For " & strTestcell & " Not Found !</b><br>"))

  End If

  Catch ex As Exception

  Response.Write("Exception Error LoadChart : " & ex.Message)

  End Try

  End Sub

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