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Date conversion in AxisY


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I've got a problem when trying to change the AxisY.LabelsFormat.Format property to datetime and i have numeric values too big to be represented as datetime (values over 2929977), We made a Try -- Catch for this exception, warning user not to use date format in this case, but We can't get the chart to refresh correctly after exception has been caugth, even if we force the format to none or numeric styles.

Is there a way to re - render the chart after an error like this?

Thanks in advance



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We usually validate this kind of things, but, in this application we let the user modify most of chart properties, after the data has been bound to it, this is not a common error, but the problem is that the chart can't be refresh after such crash, even if i clear it and rebind it.

I send an attach with a sample app.

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For security reasons I can not execute this EXE. Please send source files instead.

Also, to review, if you are using your own UI to change the Axis format, you must validate it before setting it to the chart. Once you set it there is nothing you can do to prevent or catch this exception.

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As  i told you before, I know this is not a common error, but i think it would be a little complicate to validate data before trying to draw the chart, because we don't know the kind of fields and data the chart is going to be generated with.

I send the test source project, so you can check it.



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