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Invalid ChartFX license ... when try to push webform to the http server


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Recently upgraded my license to include the ChartFX webforms as well as winforms ... I have an app that uses winforms that I am making an approximate of using web forms.

 I can build my website and test it on my development box all is fine .. but when I move the files over to the webserver charts come back with "Invalid license 3100000"

Development box - XP

Http server is IIS6.0 on 2003 server

ASP.NET 2.0.50727 is configured for the website

 What steps do I have to take to set up my webserver to accept my webApp ?


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Did you install ChartFX on the server you are deploying your web app to? Unlike winforms, the webforms component requires the license to be rpesent in the machine

After ChartFX is installed , you can simply deploy your app as you would normally do. The Charts should then show as expected.


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