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FinancialUI Application is displaying wrong data. XMLDataProvider problem?


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I am having a look at your Financial extension and used some code found in the FinancialUI sample application. I am reading in data from an XML file but the charts seem to have rounded figures on the main chart and truncated data in the volume indicator.

For example:

<ROW DATE="2003-01-07" OPEN="21.75" HIGH="22" LOW="21.4" CLOSE="21.46" VOLUME="19715600"></ROW>

When I roll over points on the chart, data just shows up as open

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The displaying of the data is using the default number of decimals (0). But the data is there. To change the number of decimals used in the tooltip do:

 chart.AxisY.DataFormat.Decimals = 2;

I can't reproduce what you said about the volume. Please attach the actual XML file you are reading (or a portion of it). It looks like if the file said 19716.00.

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 I am using the same datafile found in the FinancialUI project. I have attached a portion (The line I refered to is the 4th one) and have also supplied a screenshot showing the data truncation. You can see where I rolled over the volume bar in question.

  <ROW DATE="2003-01-02" OPEN="24.21" HIGH="24.91" LOW="24.15" CLOSE="24.88" VOLUME="12884400"></ROW>
  <ROW DATE="2003-01-03" OPEN="22.52" HIGH="22.65" LOW="21.25" CLOSE="21.38" VOLUME="65004600"></ROW>
  <ROW DATE="2003-01-06" OPEN="21.59" HIGH="21.95" LOW="21.4" CLOSE="21.82" VOLUME="23925400"></ROW>
  <ROW DATE="2003-01-07" OPEN="21.75" HIGH="22" LOW="21.4" CLOSE="21.46" VOLUME="19715600"></ROW>
  <ROW DATE="2003-01-08" OPEN="21.42" HIGH="21.63" LOW="21.06" CLOSE="21.16" VOLUME="19973300"></ROW>
  <ROW DATE="2003-01-09" OPEN="21.3" HIGH="21.59" LOW="21.19" CLOSE="21.47" VOLUME="21948100"></ROW>
  <ROW DATE="2003-01-10" OPEN="21.24" HIGH="22" LOW="21.13" CLOSE="21.58" VOLUME="16412600"></ROW>

Posted Image 

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