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Hello Everyone,

I need for the chart in my application to automatically scale the current visible part of the chart so that all of the parts that are currently visible fit completely into the chart. To make what I mean clearer, lets say for example I have values 1 - 20 but only 1 - 6 are visible. If I scroll over 3 ticks, I should now have values 4 - 10 visible. I need the chart automatically to scale or "move up" to make sure all the new visible values fit onto the chart because these values are greater than previous values. If I stay on the same scale or "level", the top of the new high will not be visible. I am sure that this functionality exists since this is how all the financial charts work but I cant find the property to turn this on. Would anyone know what this property is called or how this could be accomplished?

Thank You.

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The Y-Axis Min and Max are updated with the whole dataset not with the current scroll view.

If you want to do this you will have to implement it in your code. You can capture the UserScroll event and calculate and set the Min and Max using only the points within the current view.

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