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 I got a Render Bug with the ChartFX for Visual Studio 2005 component. I try to update to the last service pack but I already got it.

When I access my webpage for the first time, I got all icons and colors of the ChartFx toolbar which is displayed instead of the ChartFx Graph (look at the screenshot N

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How are you rendering this chart? Is the chart added to the form at design-time? Are you calling RenderControl from your code?

The image you attached seems to indicate that the chart was rendered outside of the appropriate ASP.NET life-cycle. In particular, a style sheet is included in your page header that will hide those icons. It seems that the reference to this style sheet is not being rendered. This reference is rendered during OnPreRender so if you are skipping this step it will cause this problem. It may be that you are adding the chart to the control tree too late in the ASP.NET life-cycle.

Please post a web page that reproduces the issue and I'll be glad to point out the cause of the problem either in your code or in ours.

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 Hi Frank,

1/ I found one of my problem (screenshot 2, 3 and 4), that was because I got a CSS file included in my page which contains this tag :


 This tag made the strange grid in front of the graph on Internet Explorer 6.0, so I just moved this tag in my CSS specific table tags to avoid this problem.

 2/ The component is put in the page at design time. The binding of the ChartFx graph is made during Page_Load of the page but I think the problem is that ChartFx Graph is in a Multiview component and update are made in AJAX because I made some additionnal tests and these are the results :

I got a page with a Multiview and 2 Views. First View is a standard page (images) and the Second View is a page with ChartFX Graph.

1/ I connect to this page with the First View activated, I clicked the button which switch views (Multiview.ActiveViewIndex = 1) and update the Multiview component in AJAX => I get the strange bug from screenshot 1.

2/ I connect to page with the Second View activated => the ChartFx Graph is successfully loaded

3/ I connect to page with the Second View activated and if I change View multiple times after a successful load => the ChartFx Graph is successfully loaded

The problem is only when the page didn't contain ChartFx information during loading of the page.




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