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Chart is not rendering in .Net mode


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We have a web form which reads all the proiperties of a Chart and Series from database and generates chart. This web form exists in a web application [Let's call it as Server] which is called by other web applications [Clients] whenever there is a need for a chart. This is working fine when I set the render mode as "image" in the server web form. I am using RenderToStream() method to send the chart back to client. In client page I am assigning this stream to SRC property of Image tag at runtime. All is going well.

But, in future we want to give interactive capability to the users by providing Menu/ToolBar. This is the procedure I am trying to follow to achieve this:

1. Change the Render format to ".NET" in Server web form and add Tool bar to Chart control [if I call this page directly in the browser, I can see the tool bar and I can play with it]. But, my client page is not shoing the chart at all.

My question is how do I configure/code my client page so that it can see the Chart and the interactive tool bar.



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Note that by default .NET controls with low-trust can only download files from the same server so you may have to

1) Increase the security settings so that our control runs with High trust

2) Copy the file from the "Server" to the "Client"

If this doesn't help please post how an object tag looks like when you hit one of your web applications (Clients)


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strChartServerURL = strChartServerURL &

"?ImageId=" & strImageId  - this is the server URL, where page is generated and rendered as .NET format

Now, I want to display that chart as a .NET component in my client app. To do this, Frank said I have to use Image tag ....here is where I am lost. I used the following code and this works fine. But the problem is I must know correct .js file to use with <srcript src="/ChartFX70/Temp/<###.js>></script> tag. 

How do I insert this dynamically? (or) Is there a better way to do this ?

Here is the code I am using to form the object tag in the code behind:

content.Append("<object codetype=""application/octet-stream"" id=""Chart1"" ")


" classid=""/chartfx70/download/ChartFX.NetIEClient.dll#ChartFX.NetIEClient.Chart"" standby=""Downloading Chart FX control please wait ..."" ")content.Append("></OBJECT> ")


"<br />")content.Append("<script src=""/ChartFX70/Temp/CFT0817_1130311428C.js"" ")


"></script> ")content.Append("<script> ")


"cfx_replaceChart1();</script> ")


"<br />")
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