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Internet Explorer 7 and large amounts of data: no chart being displayed


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When I create a new WebForm, drop a chart (ChartFX 2005, latest version, generating an image) on it, and calling the following code from the PageLoad method, no chart is being displayed in Internet Explorer 7 (Firefox: no problem). Instead the scrollbar is displayed in the middle of my screen. Sometimes I can getting the chart to be displayed by right-click on the chart (by guessing where it should be) and selecting "Show image". Other times the drop-down menu's are completely black and when I hover over the items they get displayed. When I alt-tab to another window and then go back to Internet Explorer, the chart is being displayed, but Internet Explorer is still messed up (no title bar etc).Is this a know problem? When I reduce the number of point to 2000, no problems at all...

private void BindSensorDataChartViaAPI(){   Random r = new Random();   Chart1.Data.Series = 1;   Chart1.Data.Points = 9999;   for (int i = 0; i < Chart1.Data.Points; i++ )   {     Chart1.Data[0, i] = r.NextDouble() * 100;   }}


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This sounds like the problem we had with IE running out of GDI objects. Look at the issue "When charting a very large number of data points IE6 and IE7 run the OS out of GDI objects." to see if this is the same problem. We had to limit the number of data points that could be charted unless the user was running the .NET ChartFX control on the client. This is the only solution we found unless Mircrosft fixes IE 6 and IE 7. Let me know if you find a better solution.

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