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Hello all, 


At the moment when I build locally within vs2003 I build against the development install of Chart FX 6.2. We have a seperate build server that is also building against the dev version of ChartFX. This is to make sure that we are building both locally and on our build server against the same version of the assemblies. When I say the same same version I mean the developer version of CFX not the production installation version.


One of the assumptions I am making here is that the production version and development version are different in some way (i.e a different code base). I appreciate that a dev install on a developers machine will come with some "extras" - e.g. : designers, assemblies that manage the integration with the Visual Studio toolbox etc.. but there are obviously common assemblies that exist in both a dev and prod install. My first question is therefore : is this assumption correct ? Can I build locally against the dev install of CFX and also have 100% confidence that building (on a separate build server) against the prod install version will not cause problems. The situation we are trying to avoid is taking a build (which at the moment is built against the dev install) putting it say on a UAT server which has the prod version of CFX installed an encountering problems.


Any advice gratefully received,

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