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edit title in MDI appliction


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I saw a similiar issue in this forum. and I have a same problem.



please see a attached file. I made it for reporduce situations.

I made a MDI application, and I create ChartFX control in CView window.

and in main program, I assigned shortcuts of "Save As" to single character 'c'

in this case, If I try to input titles like "abcde", "Save As" dialog appeared.

when I keydown char 'c', I think, the messages are going to main application.

so, How do I fix this problem?


Thanks in advance.


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This problem doesn't seem to be Chart FX related. Seems that your application is prefiltering those keys.

Please try the following:

Instead of a Chart, put a regular Text Box inside your CView window. If you get the same problem then the problem is not related to Chart FX but rather to the way CView is processing the keys. I am no MFC expert and I don't know how to prevent this from happening.

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I can catch KeyDown message before main application manage it.

 for example, in chartfx control, I can overriede PreTranslateMessage

BOOL CChartFxControl::PreTranslateMessage(LPMSG pMsg)





m_chartPtr->KeyDown((UINT)pMsg->wParam, 0, 0); //???

 return CWnd::PreTranslateMessage(pMsg);


but, in this case, I have to send KeyDown Message to ChartFX,

but no way to send message!!. How to send KeyDown message to chartfx?

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