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Missing License Tag


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I have been developing a asp.net application using chartfx charts locally on my machine. Currently I have Chartfx development studio with the most recent chartfx service pack installed. I recently moved my application to our testing server which also has the most current patch installed on it and when I try to access the web pages , i get the Missing license tag error. I tried changing the html type property to Image and the Images comes up, but not when it is set for the .net. We are running .net 2.0 on both my local box and our stage box.

 I checked the File version of the dll's on my machine with the ones on the stage machine and they also match. Anyone come across this same issue or have any ideas on how i can make this work? 

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Looks like the client control is unable to download the file produced by the server.

Please do the following:

1) Hit the page

2) Do a "View Source" from your browser and locate the <OBJECT> tag for Chart FX.

3) Look at the DataPath <PARAM> and copy the URL

4) Past the UR in your browser's address bar and then precede it with your server name. For example if your page URl is:


and the DataPath is:


 You will put the following in the browser's address bar:


Do you get an error? If so what's the error? Is the file there? f the file is there and your are getting error 404 (not found) you may have a filter in your IIS that's not letting this file type go through. Add it to the MIME types and that should fix it.

 Note: Chart FX Developer's Studio will only work in a local environment. Hitting the site from another computer requires a full license of Chart FX Web Forms.


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