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paint method font scaling problem


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 I'm trying to include a chart in print output, using the paint method. I have the following problem:

 When I leave the font of chart objects (axes,titles...) 'untouched' everything is fine. The chart prints wysiwyg. However, when I change the font of one or more of the chart objects, the fonts on the print output become much smaller than on the screen (unreadable). They don't even come close to the point size I specified. I tried to work around this problem by adjusting the size of the fonts prior to printing and restoring the size after printing, but I can't discover the scaling factor that I should use (I fiddled around with the twipstopixel values of screen and printer, but that's not it).

 Could somebody enlighten me?

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Sorry for the late reply, doesn't matter which style i use (print or normal, it's all the same...). I did find a workaround though:

For every font in the ChartFX object model I do the following just prior to calling the paint method (example is for legendbox font):

dim dSize as double

dSize = Chart1.LegendBoxObj.Font.Size

Chart1.LegendBoxObj.Font.Size = dSize

As you can see, this looks ridiculous, but it somehow triggers something that makes the font scale correctly.

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