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mousedown/up events no shift, ctrl


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The mouse down and up events return fairly odd numbers for args.button (1048576 for left button and 2097152 for right button, it would have been nice to capture them in an enumeration...), but there's no 'shift' argument that indicates wether shift and/or ctrl keys are pressed during the event. I need this info because I have code for selecting objects. shift and ctrl keys have their purpose in that. I must say, I never worked with a control that didn't pass this info.

 Any chance of a bugfix? I have a deadline next week...

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We missed the button enumeration, here are the values

Left = 0x100000Right = 0x200000

We have also added a Flags property to allow you to check whether Shift and/or Ctrl were pressed at the time of the Event. The interesting values are

Shift = 4Control = 8

Please send an email to support at softwarefx dot com as these changes are not included yet in our public service pack.


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