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Scatter series on XY plot - Chart fx bug.jpg attached


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I'm trying to reproduce the attached graph - Original.jpg drawn by using a different charting tool.

I tried using a scattered series for the '*' points in the attached ChartFx bug.jpg. However that cut the original series at that point.

How can i reproduce to show the '*' points on the original.jpg correctly on the Chart Fx chart. They should not be pasrt of the trend line. This is shown as 'x' on the Chart Fx bug.jpg

 Any suggestions / code is most welcome. Please refer to the attached screenshots.

Apparently the Chart fx bug.jpg did not get attached in the previous post (http://community.softwarefx.com/forums/t/8031.aspx)



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I don't have the code anymore for this chart. I had a screenshot when I was trying different options to reproduce the '*' points for the Original.jpg some time ago.

Can you tell me the best approach to draw the '*' points ?

I remember using a scattered series to draw the points but that cut the trend line at the point.




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We need to reproduce the '*' points as is using Chart Fx - this is a key requirement from customer. The key point is the '*' points are inserted as part of the trend line ( please check the x-axis labels ) but need to displayed as a scattered series. Thanks for your help  !

- Mukta

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You can have a chart with 2 series:

chart1.Data.Series = 2;

chart1.AllSeries.Gallery =

chart1.Series[0].Gallery =

Gallery.Lines;chart1.Series[0].MarkerShape = MarkerShape.None;

chart1.Series[1].Gallery =

Gallery.Scatter;chart1.Series[1].MarkerShape = MarkerShape.X;

// Line chart

chart1.Data.X[0,0] = 0;

chart1.Data.Y[0,0] = 10;

chart1.Data.X[0,1] = 1;

chart1.Data.Y[0,1] = 20;

chart1.Data.X[0,2] = 2;

chart1.Data.Y[0,2] = 15;

chart1.Data.X[0,3] = 3;

chart1.Data.Y[0,3] = 40;

chart1.Data.X[0,4] = 4;

chart1.Data.Y[0,4] = 50;

chart1.Data.X[0,5] = 5;

chart1.Data.Y[0,5] = 40;

//Scatter Chart

chart1.Data.X[1,0] = 2;

chart1.Data.Y[1,0] = 17;

chart1.Data.X[1,1] = 4;

chart1.Data.Y[1,1] = 48;

Note that given your screenshot it is not clear whether these 'Xs' are always on top of the line or not. If the Xs are always on top of the line, you don't need 2 series, instead you can change the marker for particular points as follows:

 chart.Point[0,3].MarkerShape = MarkerShape.X;


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