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Missed header files and invalid license


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I use ChartFX Client/Server 6.2.2532.19852 with Visal C++ 6.0, and found some problems:

 1.When generating  the wrapper classes, the header files containing the constants are missed.I cann't find them even I searched the whole files in my computer.

 2.There are some strange class names in the wrapper classes, such as CataSourceSettings,CataEditor etc.Question 1 and 2 do not affect the programming, but I think something is wrong in the code.

 3.I copied the  test program and ChartFX.ClientServer.Core.dll to another one computer, registered the ChartFX.ClientServer.Core.dll, but when I run my test program It showed me that the license was invalid.So I changed the code as below:

  CComBSTR strLicense = "serial number string";
  m_Chart.Create("Hello", WS_VISIBLE | WS_CHILD,   CRect(15, 75, 676, 372), this, 0x1234,
    NULL, FALSE, strLicense);

But It still showed the invalid license message in the chart, What's the reason?



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1 and 2)

Can you post the generated wrapper classes? are you using #import?

We normally use the following


"C:\YourPathGoesHere\ChartFX.ClientServer.core.dll" rename_namespace("Cfx62") rename("min","minX") rename("max","maxX") exclude("_CollectionBase","_Component","CollectionBase","Component")

And all the constants are defined inside the Cfx62 namespace. I could not find any CataSourceSettings class.

3) License

Please send your licese string to support at softwarefx dot com, DO NOT post your license string in this thread.



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