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Overflow exception


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Hi.  First I'd like to thank those from softwareFX here for providing the excellent support I've received so far.  I would never have figured out some of the details about ChartFX were it not for you guys.  Currently, I'm running into a problem where if I update the chart a second time with new values, I will get an overflow exception.  I call Points.Clear() first to empty out the old data, then set the new points in using Data.X and Data.Y.  After this is done, I call AxisX.ResetScale() and AxisY.ResetScale() since I turned off AutoScale (to improve performance).  This works the first time the graph is populated, but will cause exceptions afterward.  What am I doing wrong?  It appears to throw the exception after everything's done and it's doing rendering work.


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OK.. i used a workaround by just opening up another instance of the form every time i want to show a different set of data.  But this will still overflow on the second form!  Also, is there a resetScale() that resets all axes at the same time (so that it doesn't read the data twice)?  The RecalculateScale() method causes an overflow.

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