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Hi ..

Im a newbie to chartfx..iv been searching through the documentation and havent found anything with reference to creating a trendline on the charts...

does chartfx for visual studio 2005 (webforms) come with any in built capabilities to add trend lines to the charts (like MS excel i guess...) ?


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One more question...is there any way to control the rendering of the distance between points in a line chart ? If i wanted to control the distance between two points and vary that from point to point ...would that be possible ?

The reason i wanna do this is cause, im trying to render a gridview of date columns with a chart on its top...and every point on the chart should be exactly on top of the gridview column with that date.... so would such an alignment between the .net gridview columns and the chart points be possible ?

Sound difficult but if thats possible.. then chartfx ...take a bow !

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1) Trend lines (linear regression) is part of the Chart FX Statistical extension.

2) X/Y charts allow you to assign independent X and Y values to each point. To set X values, you can either use the Fields collection in the DataSourceSettings property if you are using databinding, or the Chart.Data.X property if you are passing the data using the API.

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Ok Frank, iv got the statistical analysis tool, and am now able to plot the trend lines...but...

when i try to plot the trend line, the series line disaapears and is replaced by scatter dots. I need my series line intact, is that not possible ?

Also my trend line gives a tool tip which i dont want...is there a way to supress it ?

Cheers and thanks in advance

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In the statistical extension there are two ways of obtaining a trend line:

1) Selecting the LinearRegression gallery type. This will give you a Scatter chart with a trend line.

2) Adding the linear regression study to the chart.

You seemed to have tried option one.

To add a trend line to any chart type, do:

InteractiveStudy trendLine = (InteractiveStudy) statistics1.Studies.Add(Analysis.RegressionLine);

trendLine.Visible = true;

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