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Grids and "updating" data


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 We are looking to use the grid view with a SQL database and would like to see close to real time data in the Gridview, without reloading the whole dataset due to performance reasons. is there a way to make just retireve only the new/updated records from the DataSet using Grid FX?

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Thanks for your interest in Grid FX.  We will definitely build real-time functionality into Grid FX.  However, we may wait until after V1 release to do so.  We are very busy with finishing up the current feature set.  I have done a basic implementation of real-time updating and the tests were very positive.  Could you help me out by answering a few questions:

- About how many records would you have in the grid at any given time?

- Are records inserted and deleted often, or is it mainly updating existing records? 

- At what interval (seconds or milliseconds) do you expect the data to refresh?

 Thanks so much.

Steve Potter

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 The amount of records will vary from serveral to several hundred of a few kb per record:

 Records will be inserted more often than deleted. in some scenarios but in other scenarios it iwll allmost exclusively be updating.

The refresh rate will be dependant upon the application. We envisage no less than 10 seconds, no more than 30 seconds.

 On side note as bandwidth would be an issue. we would like the data to be transmitted once and updates to the table to be transmitted at above intervals.


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