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Data Points on Maps


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 I want to display two data points on each state of US map to display product information of two products.

 and if i mouse over the each data point i need to get the corresponding product information of the state.

can any one guide me how to go about this, thanks in advance.

and i am using asp.net 2.0

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The HitTest method will give you the MapElement object thats under the cursor. You will need to have some external data structure (e.g. a Dictionary) where you map the id of the map element to some additional data and then retrieve it.

You can use the GetTip event to customize What's displayed in the tooltip.

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I have also got this typical requirement. I have gone through the chartfx / maps api doc and could not find correct guidance. Appreciate if you can provide some code segment how to map tool tip customization if i would like to display more the tool tip format (

"%l No. of Students: %v"; -- may be i would like no. of students, teachers, schools on each state tool tip ( on mouse over).

Really it will be a great help.



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