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Bars and x-axis out of sync


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I've been using ChartFX to create line charts for about a year now without any problems and now I need to add bar/combination charts. For test purposes I created a simple bar chart with a single series. I return a dataset with 12 values, one for each month. I have numbers 1-10 on my y-axis and dates on my x-axis that are in one month increments. Seems simple enough except my x-axis begins with the first gridline showing 1/1/06, the second gridline is missing and so is its label, then the third gridline displays with a date of 2/1/06 and the rest of the months fill in properly.  As for the bars, they are all off by one month.  March's data bar shows up with April's label and April's data shows up with May's label. If I change the gallery to a line all the labels and data points are correct, but changing it back to a bar gives me the same strange results.

 Any help will be greatly appreciated.  I'd really like to do more than make line charts with this application.

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1) Please make sure you are running the latest service pack. This looks a lot like a bug that was fixed some time ago.

2) If the problem persists, please provide with a sample program that reproduces the problem. Please specify exactly what data X and Y) you are passing to the chart.

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 I have also got the same problem, I just downloaded the lastest version of the ChartFx for Wpf (beta)....


I've got data from 1/1/2008 - 1/1/2023  but for some reason the 1/1/2008 data is showing up on the right side of the chart.



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