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Hello there,I'm currently using ChartFXClientServer62 and I'm trying to use the Real-Time chart feature.  In the Chart FX Resource Center it is said that the Real-time functionality is only supported for Windows Form development.  But, after looking up in the SoftwareFX forum, it looks that it is possible to use it via the COM interface inside a typical MFC C++ application (or maybe it was just a C# program?).With some luck, I was able to make it work but with just one serie.  With many series, several zero values are inserted between each PutItem call regardless of the specified index and value.Sometime I even crash while playing with different flags (in OpenData) and/or way to do.Is it really possible to use the Real-Time chart with the Chart FX's COM interface?  If yes, do you have a little sample in C++ so I could understand all the required steps (maybe I'm just missing something).Thank you very much for your help.Regards,


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The statement "only supported for Windows Form development" means that it is not supported in WebForms development, using the Windows From component from a COM environment is still considered Windows Forms. The real-time functionality can be accessed from a COM module through the use of interop.

Sorry, I do not have any samples of using this functionality through COM Interop. However, it is just a matter of syntax, Chart FX doesn't care (or even knows) whether the caller is .NET or COM.

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