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Tooltips doesn't show properly...


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I'm i've created 3 charts using the server chart, my problem is when move over my charts the tooltips doesn't show properly, in the chart1 shows ok, but the chart2 and chart3, don't show the tooltips for those charts, i only can see the tooltips for chart1 in all my charts....

Anyone , any idea in how can i show the tooltips for my chart2 and chart3???

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Cheking on my code i can see that the Image Maps are generated, but the charts are using the same imgMap, all goes to ImgMap, i think the problem now is... How can i specified wich Maps my charts will use.

Some like this

chart1 -> map1

chart2 -> map2

chart3 -> map3

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Thanxs Frank, sorry i didn't reply before, the problem was solve using the id charts....

before i was usign this -> strTabla += " " + GraficaNuevos.GetHtmlTag("480", "250", "PNG");

but now i use this, and add "Nvo" as ID Chart and work just fine -> strTabla +=

" " + GraficaNuevos.GetHtmlTag("480", "250", "PNG", "Nvo");

Thank You...

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