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How to get or use ChartFX internal point data?


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I'm developing S/W by ChartFX's Curve Line.

I want to get x point like under attached Image.


I must find x value contact of y value ( y == 0 ).

But, ChartFX alredy known x value (x = 2.2) like attached Image.

How to get or use x value ?

It is possible?

Thank you.

Posted Image

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Sorry, I can't english very well.

ex) I have 4 Point Data


X1 = 1, Y1 = -5

X2 = 2, Y2 = 10

X3 = 3, Y3 = 20

X4 = 4, Y4 = 21


This poins shown by ChartFX Curve Graph.

but, I can't find any X Position when Y Position is 0.

Of curse, Needs any spline algorithm .

But, I found X Position when Mouse move on X Axis of ChartFX.

I think easily use ChartFX's Internal Data than any spline algorithm.

I have a sample source. Do you want a sample source??

Thank you.

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