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It seems that this is a recurring problem for me.  Once I get around one brick wall, I run into another.  Is there any online resources I can tap into that lays out all the classes and functions for me to use?  Like an SDK?

I would look at the forums, but it may be obvious now that there isn't any support for my requirements yet.  All the answers talk about using the oh-so-easy interface.

Thanks in advance, Grorange.

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I appreciate your prompt reply.  This actually helped out a lot, though I'd like to comment that the Type A link is not well documented. Properties are explained well and demonstrate what they are used for, but most of the information is just obvious. Something you should include is HOW to use it.  More examples would help out a lot.

Also, Type B is a good link to have, but does not relate at all with punching the information in manually.

Thanks again, Grorange

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