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chartfx in microsoft for dynamics ax


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 I'm not sure where to put this post, as there is no seperate part for dynamics ax, but i have a couple of questions and cant find any answers anywhere on the internet.

 Is there any kind of documentation present as of how to use the chartfx class in dynamics ax?

 this site is very handy to find out what the possibilities are, but i'm having trouble in 'guessing' what the right syntax might be to use them.

some examples of what i'm looking for:

How to use constantlines in x++

How to add a legend

How to put only show the label of the highest value in the graph

How to put my own labels on the X-axis (i have 96 values per day, but i dont want to show 96, 192 but 1, 2 to show what day it is.)




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I haven't tried that. However, some .NET languages have a different syntax for indexers. I am not familiar with X++ but try:




You need to find out how indexers are accessed in X++.

As for the other questions, they don't seem to be particular to X++, check out the docs on passing data (which includes labels).

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