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Licensing Issue


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We are using chart fx in design time as well as runtime. The design time things are works fine. But the runtime components are not working. It's says "Unexpected System Exception:#LicenseException - Couldn't get Run Time license for 'ChartFX.WinForms.Chart' received - contact Application manager."

I am using Chart Fx in my business component and that will be invoked by window services application. I have attached the .licx file in both places(Business component and service application).


Could please let me know how attach the license information in this situvation.


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The Chart FX license needs to be in the final EXE. Note that the .LICX file is simply the source it needs to be built and included inside the EXE's resources. The following KB articles should help you find what the problem is:

 Q6101010. How to manually add a Chart FX license to an executable
URL: http://support.softwarefx.com/ShowArticle.aspx?Type=KB&Product=CfxNet70&Source=http://support.softwarefx.com/kb/610/1/010.htm?_r=1

Q6101001. How to deploy a WinForms Application when it contains a wrapper object using Chart FX for .NET
URL: http://support.softwarefx.com/ShowArticle.aspx?Type=KB&Product=CfxNet70&Source=http://support.softwarefx.com/kb/610/1/001.htm?_r=1

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