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Show only every nTh point


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 we have big amounts of data for our chart ( up to 2 million points). If i put in all points the chart become almost no responsive, which i can understand by this data amount. So i want to show onl every nTh value and build the arithmetic mean of the values "hidden". That worked so far. Now the problem is when the user zooms in, i want to show just ever nTh value of that zoomed area isntead of the already shrinked data.

 I hope you unerstand my problem :D 

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There is a property in the chart called CompactedBy that allows you to reduce the number of points beign painted in the way that you described.

You will have to handle the Zoom events in order to provide a higher level of detail by reducing the value of CompactedBy.


chart.Data.CompactedBy = 100; // Compacts one point into 1

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