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Printing from chart toolbar on color printer


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Using the chart's toolbar to Print I get the following behavior.

 Printing to a black & white printer (Ikon) prints nicely.

Printing to a Dell color laser printer prints out PJL (and lots of blank pages).  But if I copy to clipboard or take a screen capture, it prints fine to this printer.

Anyone else run into this problem?



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It is very different to do a screen capture and print than to print directly. On the first, a bitmap is generated and all the printer driver does is print a bitmap, in the second the printer driver needs to draw the objects sent by GDI+.

I think there is a problem with your driver. Try printing from more complex apps like for example do drawings in MS Word. In any case we don't do anything special for any printer we send our scene to GDI+ and the driver takes over. There is nothing we do that can affect one printer and not others.

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