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Extraneous Data On a Line graph


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I'm attempting to determine why my line graphs have "Extra" data on it, and whether or not it is some sort of a local configuration setting or not.

I have a set of data, 9 series in all, which produce curves. Think "5 Percentile, 10 percentile" and so on. My datas "X" value starts as 2 and goes to about 21, with a wide range of Y values for the individual results.

Problem is, there are lines going from the X Axis (Where Y is 0 and X is about 1 or so) going to the first data point. In essence, it appears as though ChartFX is trying to create a smooth line from 0, 1 to the first charted point. This happens for all of the series. I just want the "fill in the blank" data lines to start at my first charted point and end at the last one, NOT extrapolated before or after my last data point.

Has anyone seen this before? Any suggestions on how to get rid of this?

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Look like you are not setting the X-Value of the first(s) point(s). By default the value is zero.

Make sure you are starting with index 0 (first data point) when you set your values. If you turn on the data editor, you will see exactly which data the chart has.

If you want to leave gaps in your data you can assign Chart.Hidden to the point value.

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