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Point Labels in Scatter


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I have an XY Plot chart.  My data looks like this:

X Y Label
.5 .7 MARKET 1
.9 .2 MARKET 2
.1 .3 MARKET 3


What I am attempting to create is a scatter plot where the point labels are equal to the Label column.  I don't want to manually set each point's label by intercepting GetPointLabel or something - I bind to a DataSource.  I have tried setting the Label column's DataType to DataType.Label or DataType.KeyLegend and using the PointLabelMask property, like so:

ChartControl.DataType[1] = DataType.Label;
ChartControl.DataType[4] = DataType.Value;
ChartControl.DataType[7] = DataType.XValue;

However, that changes the X-Axis to show labels:

 Posted Image















What I want is for it to show X-Values.  Is it possible to automatically set the Tag of each point to be a column in the DataSource?  Is there something I am missing?  It seems like I am making this way too hard.

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If you don't want to affect the X-Axis labels then you should NOT use DataType.Label.

You are in the right path with the Tag property. This is what you need to use. The Tag property can not be bound to a column. You will have to write a little bit of code that goes through the Dataset and assigns the Tag property.

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Thanks for the quick response.  I ended up having to use the GetPointLabel event after all - I just set the e.Label to the appropriate value.  I have a question about that, however:

In the PointAttributesCollection ChartCore.Point, is the order of these points the same as the order of the rows in the bound DataSource?

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