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Localization in Visual Studio 2005


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Hi, I'm new to both .NET and ChartFX so apologies in advance if I'm asking really obvious questions.

 I'm trying to get localization working for my ChartFX chart in C#.  Firstly, I'm using the Properties of the chart to set the X and Y axis values, and I can't see where I localize this (there is the option on my UserControl, but this doesn't work either).

Secondly, I would like the tool-tips for some of the actual controls in the Chart to be localized as well, but can't see where I would do this.

 Any help would be much appreciated.

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By default the chart will pick up the current thread culture. You can assign a Culture to the chart (Culture property) or to an Axis.

We provide localized versions of the Chart FX resources for 9 languages. For more information check this link:


We also provide you with the mechanisms to build your own localized version.

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