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Removing 'Built Using ChartFX for .NET Development' text from the image


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I have an .Net web application (VS2005) using ChartFX 6.2 running in windows 2003 in a web farm (2 web servers) environment. I have used one of the server in the webfarm as a development server and later on completion of the development I deployed the code on the other server (has ChartFX 6.2 has been installed on both the servers). The chart image get displayed properly but the chart has embedded text 'Built Using ChartFX for .NET Development'. Is there any setting needed to remove this. Because I have used the same server initially for testing and I found that the chart was properly displayed.

Please let me know what could be the reason for this.



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The Message: 'Built Using ChartFX for .NET Development' is extracted from the license in that server.

The way to remove it is to install a production license on the server. Development server licenses will always display this message unless the request comes from localhost.

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