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AxisSection on Scatter chart background color as block instead of strip


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This doesn't appear possible in chartfx 2005 winforms or webforms but figured

I'd ask.  Is it possible to create four blocks each with very different colors

in a scatter chart as a quadrant?

Black   Blue

Read Green

I've looked at the samples that "appear" to support this.

However, if you change the sample colors, you don't

get the expected result.  I don't see anything but a from and to

as designators for each axis.  So, you can't designate top, left,

bottom, right.

Anybody got any suggestions?

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There is no fautre that does exactly that but you can simulate something similar using axis sections:

1) Create 2 Axis Sections in the X-Axis going from Min to (Min + Max)/2 and (Min + Max)/2 to Max respectivley.

2) Do the same for the Y-Axis

3) Set the colors of those sections in the X-Axis semi-transparent so that they will not completely obscure the sections in the Y-Axis.


 chart1.AxisX.Sections.Add(new AxisSection(chart1.AxisX.Min,(chart1.AxisX.Min + chart1.AxisX.Max) / 2,Color.FromArgb(128,Color.Red)));  chart1.AxisX.Sections.Add(new AxisSection((chart1.AxisX.Min + chart1.AxisX.Max) / 2,chart1.AxisX.Max,Color.FromArgb(128,Color.Blue)));

 chart1.AxisY.Sections.Add(new AxisSection(chart1.AxisY.Min,(chart1.AxisY.Min + chart1.AxisY.Max) / 2,Color.Yellow));  chart1.AxisY.Sections.Add(new AxisSection((chart1.AxisY.Min + chart1.AxisY.Max) / 2,chart1.AxisY.Max,Color.Orange));

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