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Problem with OLAP Extension


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Hi everyone...

I want to work with OLAP but i have this problem, When i click on 'Add Extension... ', i got this warning,

"The extension will be added to your project and linked to the chart, however, you will need to restart Visual Sutio in order to keep working. This problem only occurs when you add an extension that was not already referenced by your project. " 

 And After resart the visual studio, i have the same message.

And this is my list of dll's on my projetc...

ChartFX.Designer.dllChartFX.Designer.Olap.dllChartFX.WebForms.Adornments.dllChartFX.WebForms.Base ChartFX.WebForms.CategBar.dllChartFX.WebForms.Dhtml.dllChartFX.WebForms.dllChartFX.WebForms.Olap.dllChartFX.WinForms.Adornments.dllChartFX.WinForms.Base.dllChartFX.WinForms.CategBar.dllChartFX.WinForms.Data.dllChartFX.WinForms.dllChartFX.WinForms.Olap.dllChartFX.Wizard.dllI miss any extension???, please help me, thanks.

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You should NOT have references to the following:



Is your project a WebForm project or a WinForm project. Only reference those that apply. For WinForm projects do NOT include the ChartFX.WebForms.* dlls. 

Check the versions and make suer they all match.

You said that you get the message again. When do you get the message when you add the extension again? When you open the project you should be all set, there is no need to add the extension again.


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